A comprehensive energy future…

July 28, 2008 at 4:35 pm Leave a comment

A rich discussion is taking place at the CoC’s ESIS Initiative Steering Committee meeting.  Many leaders are offering their viewpoints on the future of energy from the Former President of Shell, John Hofmeister, to Thomas R. Baruch, Founder and Managing Director of CMEA Ventures.

Many of the speakers expressed a need to have a comprehensive view of our energy future.  One member of the steering committee said, “Boon’s Picken’s approach would involve doing more drilling, but I think we need a more comprehensive approach.”

Another said, “We need a real underlying change in foreign and domestic policy.  The price of oil has brought to the forefront certain political realities.  The deepest reality and irony is the alternative path to oil is what will save America.  Not only will it be a new source of energy, but that it will shape our global thinking.  Our dependence is not only oil, it’s on the geopolitical issues that result from that dependence.  The friendships and alliances we have, the wars we fight, etc.  This is a great moment in history where opportunity and necessity align.  The world is waiting for what we can do.  God help us if America does not see it.”

There was also a focus on the world wide shortage of skilled workers to build and operate the next energy generating technologies be it fossil or renewable fuels.  As one member put it, everyone supports a green workforce, but neither the Obama or McCain campaign has a comprehensive plan to create it.


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